At Seminole Trusses, we combine state-of-the-art engineering and design tools with the finest available lumber and components to manufacture the highest quality trusses in the industry. Some of the benefits of our building products are:


Our reputation is built on service. By listening to the needs of our customers and responding effectively to a dynamic marketplace, we have become a strategic partner of choice. Quality components and project control are key tenets of our business philosophy. Seminole Trusses takes pride in ensuring that all portions of a project are produced, delivered and assembled with attention to detail.


Comprehensive truss systems are a fully customized approach to providing cleaner, truer segments of a finished building without regard to its dimensions or complexity of layout. Our truss systems can reproduce any design a contractor or consumer can provide. The segments can join in any fashion, at any angle, because they are constructed exactly to specifications according to plans. So a room could run on for thirty, fifty or however many feet necessary. There are no limits to our capabilities. Every aspect of the production is controlled by teams of qualified employees. They routinely monitor progress and inspect all pieces of each customized job for true construction in both fit and finish. Our environmentally protected production facility is fully automated with unparalleled capacity. In addition, because we receive, store, process, cut and assemble all of a project’s components in our environmentally controlled atmosphere, we avoid many of the pitfalls of traditional building methods. In supporting your green initiatives, we provide:

  • Protection of your components from severe weather and temperatures which cause warping.
  • Inhibition of mold, mildew, and fungus growth (interior and exterior).
  • Defense against infestation.


Simply put, nothing else matters. Honesty and trust are paramount.