Building Strong Foundations.

Not only does Seminole offer a large selection of roof trusses, we can also supply your floor trusses, which save you even more money and time on every job. Floor Truss is a system that supports the weight of a building. Floor trusses offer many benefits, including:

  • Open web panel design allowing unobstructed run through of mechanical, duct work, electrical, plumbing to pass through without having to drill or cut with 24″ on center spacing.
  • Wider nailing surface.
  • Solid-end verticals, eliminating the need for squash blocks and special rim materials.
  • Uniform depth, making floor truss sets identical so there is no need for your framers to spend valuable time shimming.
  • No shrinkage, reducing floor warping and potential squeaks.
  • A variety of end bearing conditions.
  • Customized design for special flooring requirements such as ceramic tile, slate tile, and fireplace hearths.
  • Taller, “Stronger” Truss cost no more than a 12” Truss.
  • Field Technicians require less specialized knowledge.
  • Walking surface is 3.5”. Smaller spans between trusses for decking.